Indy Spotlight: Smurf The God


Explain who you are for those who may not know
I’m a humble person, I give respect when its due. I’m giving and caring but im also a demon. Ive been making music since I was 14, grew up in a single household with my mom. I come from section 8 with one brother. It made me the man I am today. I’m a hustler, a grinder. Music saved my life, if it wasn’t for music, I would be a loos screw out here. I would definitely be dead or in jail.

How did you come up with your name?
My name was given to me, cuz i was crippin hard at a young age. Smurfs are blue and i was a lil blue nigga. I added God later on when i started rapping because we are all gods. It sais that black men where gods. To me a god is someone that has mastered their ability. Showing they’re the best. When it comes to this rap shit i am a God.

Where are you from?
Saint Petersburg, Florida

Whats was it like growing up there?
Its really what you make it. Everyone is doing everything at young ages. Seem like everyone is grown at a young age. 11 years. Kids killin kids, kicking doors, same shit u see in every ghetto really. But it seem like saint pete really the bottom. I go other place but it dont be like saint pete. Saint pete is big but small at the same time. Everyone knows everyone, everyone is trying to come up. Everyone tryna finnesse its just a lil place full of finesses. its the bottom.

How did you get into music?
I got into music, after being abused by my moms boyfriend growing up. It was how i dealt with things. I didnt take it serious till i got older. I kept it to myself. When i got older i met my close friends Bang, Kel, Bam and Max. They was rappin so i started to freestyle on the beat aswell. We started linking up at the park free styling everyday. We was linking at the park beeffin wit niggas, playin ball and rapping. Niggas started telling me i could really rap so i started to do it for real. Seemed like my homie Kel was as good as I but it got to a point he couldnt keep up. So he went into boxing cuz we used to slap box alot. He was the man at that.

What makes you different than other artists?
Everyting i rap about are facts. I am versatile. I can do trap music, i can do conscious rap. I think i can do pop if i really wanted to. I can hop on any beat. Thing about me is you may see songs with me on tracks with Justin Beiber then I can switch it up and do a record with DMX. My abilities are limitless.

What are you working on?
I am currently working on my newest project Demon Child. I dropped The Last Laff as my first project which was an instant classic to me. However, I want to show more of my versitiliy on my newer projects. So Im dropping two projects, Demon Child as a rap project and “The Blueprint” shining light on my more Hip Hop catalog. My content is deep, I have alot to say.

Whats next from you?
Look out for Demon Child and The Blue Print. I will be dropping videos from The Last Laff until then. If you want to listen to someone with something to say, just play me. La Cosca Or Nothing NIGGA!!!!

IG: Smurfthegod – Twitter: Smurfthegod – FB: Smurfthegod – Youtube: La Cosca Music Group – Soundcloud: La Cosca Music Group


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