Indy Spotlight: STARJAY

Explain who you are for those who don’t know
My name is starjay, I’m a rapper out of Brooklyn I’ve been at it for awhile, I’ve had meetings with people like dj enuff to execs from Atlantic and everybody loves the music but you have to put up numbers so that’s what I’m focused on until somebody takes a chance.

How did you come up with your name?
Well my given name is shajay and when I started rapping my friends started calling me starjay so I’ve been star since I was a kid. The block named me.

Where are you from?
I’m from coney island, last stop on the train.

Whats it like growing up where your from?
It was good and bad, bad cause it’s poverty out here. The average income per house hold is $9k and these are households with multiple people living off that amount so if you’re fortunate out here you’re lucky. But I had a good childhood, we had fun we was oblivious to all the dangerous shit going on around us that now shapes the kind of music I make. So it was like a gift and a curse growing up out here, this not a place you should raise you’re kids though or even want to hang at it’s just bad energy with a good day here and there. This place fucked alot of us up mentally and made a lot of us mentally strong, it’s home and always will be but I want something better for me and mine.

How did you get into music?
Well when I was younger my uncle always had all the music and would plaza it around the crib and you know I would freestyle off my head but it always made sense. When my uncle passed that was when I was like let me take this serious and started writing with a purpose. So to answer you’re question I always loved music but my uncle always playing it made me want to be involved and plus he used to sing so you know someway I feel this is him living through me.

What makes you different than other artists?
The content, it varies it’s not all party and turn up. I’m aware of our surroundings, how being a young black man is hard as shit. How coming from a single parent household gives you a whole other set of issues. How growing up fucked up made you want the fly shit you couldn’t get when was a kid. So I try to speak on everything I try not to let people box me in. Plus I’m super nice so even songs like triggaman where I’m speaking on the deaths of young black men as well as young black men killing young black men don’t come off as preachy it’s still some shit you can knock.

What are you currently working on?
Currently working on #ForeverYoung2 which I’m almost done with so September I’ll be dropping that.

Anything you would like to say?
Just want to say look out for my new music and if you haven’t heard of me come fuck with you’re boy you won’t be disappointed. Follow my soundcloud ( for all new music and freestyles. I appreciate this and hopefully we can do this again when my new shit drop.



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