M80 talks new “M80” cannibis gummies


How did you get started in music?

I use to freestyle in the hood wit my family but never took it serious. My mother raised me so I came up listening to Erykah Badu DMX Isley brothers etc. basically all the good shit lol I’m a early 90’s baby feel me. I kinda had a ear for it I guess, but I actually started takin it serious when I was locked up on some juvenile shit in 09′

How did you first link with Fetty Wap?

I’ve kno FettyWap for years so if u mention 1738 and if u watched how Rgfproductions and ZooGang has excelled over these few years u would know we are brothers.

Talk to us a little about your new Cannibus gummies?

My WestCoast journey is me setting out to become not only a great artist but also business man. I’m am a young entrepreneur having just launched my own line of Cannabis gummies. They’re called M80s named after myself to create a brand, letting the name have meaning on its own. It’s more than just my name now there is a great tasting Thc effective product behind it now as well feel me. You can find my Cannabis gummies which comes in four different flavors pineapple, watermelon, red velvet and cinnamon and only available in California at Kinddistco.com and CBD gummies are being made in this process. I’m here to make a mark and leave something behind the world love and respect. Through music and as a entrepreneur and u guys get to see it all happen lol. Follow my social media (Ig: rgfm80) (tw:rgfm80) (snap chat: rgfm80) and go check out my music on SoundCloud (Rgfm80).


How are they made? 

They are made from scratch and we use a 92.2% thc distillate… (it’s the best possible way to make them in terms of quality & taste)… the red velvet now come where they’re half red velvet and half cream cheese frosting (which is exactly what red velvet cake is)… the cinnamon actually will freshen your breath and the watermelon and pineapple and beyond delicious too! They come in a container w/ 20 pieces (10mg each for a total of 200mg of thc per pack)… it’s something anyone can enjoy… we want people to have an amazing experience from our edibles and this is this best way whether it’s your first time or 1000th time using edibles… they help w/ anxiety, pain, anti inflammation and of course the high that one feels is amazing!




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