Exclusive: @Hittz079 Speaks On The Memory Of His Brother Smylez

Today we bring you an exclusive Q&A with the CEO of LeagueBoii Ent named “Hittz”

We talked with Hittz about the loss of his brother Smylez, his new projects, & more.

Check out the full Q&A below:


Explain who you are for those who may not know.

My name is Hittz, I’m the CEO of LeagueBoii Ent and I’m one of the best upcoming artist in Chicago.

What was your relationship with Smylez?

Smylez was my Brother. We bled, shed tears, starved and even became successful together! I would kill or give it all up to get bro back.

What was he really like as a person for people who never met him?

He was one of the most genuine / kind hearted people you could ever meet. He always wanted the best for everyone around him and he even knew how to bring it out of em. Hardest working person I’ve ever known and an all around musical genius.

What are you planning to do in memory of his name?

I plan on making sure that Baby Smylez is good forever and I plan on doing my best to make sure that the whole world knows about LeagueBoii. Smylez would want me to make sure that our dream never dies.


Where were you when you heard what happened?

I was actually home. I had just woke up and I got the call about the seizure he’d had so I made my way there instantly. Unfortunately though as soon as I made it the ambulance had just pulled up and informed us that he had passed….

There has been a lot of controversy over his death. Can you speak on it at all?

I mean bro was and is a Legend. He influenced a lot of artist and people in general around the world. He was a key component of the whole drill music movement so of course it was gonna be controversial when he passed. A lotta big blogs and artist paid their respects to him.

What are you working on musically?

I’m currently working on releasing Smylez final mixtape “Drill For A Deal 2” and also the biggest project of my career “King Hittz”. I promise that both projects will be some of the best music you’ve ever heard from our city.

Anything you would like to say to the fans?

I want all of my fans to know that I truly appreciate y’all for always being there to support me through the ups and downs of my career! For that I will forever love y’all and I promise come 2017 you’ll all be proud to still be behind me. “King Hittz” will definitely be worth the wait!

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