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Ca$hmani & Lil House Phone – ‘Ice Out/Bands Out!’ | @cashfuckingmani

Ca$hmani & Lil House Phone drop off ‘Ice Out/Bands Out!’ produced by Steez Everywhere.

Kenny – ‘Mariana’ (Visual) | @mxdKenny

Check out this brand new visual for Kenny‘s latest single ‘Mariana.’ The record is produced by Dran Fresh with the visual by Adebayo Umoja.  

@YoungGiantz1 – “Western Expedition”

South Central MCs Young Giantz release the music video to their lead single “Western Expedition.” While the colorful visual bounces back to West Coast gangsta hip hop with custom lowriders, it...

@MikeDarole – “They” (Video)

After garnering over half-million views off his previous video, “Hello”. Bay Area indie sensation Mike Darole continues to campaign his Summertime released debut EP of the same title with...

@LiveFamousWells – “187 781” [Short Film]

With more and more small town recording artists breakout into worldwide sensations, we get a taste of a new upriser quickly climbing up the mainstream ladder in the Lynn, Massachusetts recording...

Reggie Slums ‘Extras’ ft Humongous The God | @Reggie_Slums

Qveen Herby – ‘Love Myself’ | @QveenHerby

Ronnie Diez Releases New Song With Soulja Boy

  https://soundcloud.com/ronnie-diez/so-crazy-ft-soulja-boy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qIIDsH9Hlh0 Haven’t we all experienced it in one way or another? The crazy ex from a relationship,...