Indy Spotlight: Jay Steez


Explain who you are for those who don’t know

– I’m Jay Steez from the 515! not your average joe hahaha ,I’m a Miami Dade artist,trying to make a name for myself. Having a few singles out and couple of features,you can find them on apple music and all other platforms.

How did you come up with your name?

– I used to skateboard back in 09 till around 14′ or so and my friends would call me steezy cause of how I’d skate
So I put together my first name initial with steez and thats really all there is to it. Everything I do comes with ease , haha. STEEZY ya digg

Where are you from?

-Originally born in Honduras,straight trenches , from poor to  whole lot better now but just trying to get more for my family and myself now that I got the opportunity to be in a better place.

Whats it like growing up where your from?

-Well,back home was all crazy,whole lot of violence cause gangs take over small towns and you can’t even be out late at night but that all changed when I moved to Miami,Florida. I moved to Dade when I was 9,I’m 21 now so Really I feel like Miami is where I grew up and molded me to how I really am now.
Dude county is dope man,always was in the skate scene and just vibing,partying , its what we do here.

How did you get into music?

– I got into music relatively late,at least when it comes to rapping and recording , this all started early 2016 around march is when I first stepped foot into the booth and learned how the whole recording process goes and the production behind it. I’m very open with listening to about all genres from Metal to Old school boom bap hip-hop,thats why you’ll notice my sound is pretty vast. But thanks to my boy GTS getting his macbook and messing with garage band and logic pro is when we got interested in recording music and putting our ideas into life.

What makes you different than other artists?

– I think what separates me from other artist is the ability to fit into just about any sound and do my own thing. From ear bleeding screamers to singing to some upbeat tempo and to some trap influenced bars. I actually produced a record and mixed it myself with the little self taught mixing and its done pretty good, I got Cameronazi on it,He a boy from New York doing his thing and the record is a different wave, safe to say we killed that one.
But then you’ll see me spit some bars on other tracks , like the one I got with Lajan Slim , It got everyone going crazy asking for visuals and more work. So you’ll definitely see a lot from me

What are you currently working on?

– I’m working on my very first tape , which should be dropping later this year , I’m just taking my time to perfect it and deliver something great, some big names on the tape , will leave that as a surprise so make sure y’all stay tuned for that.
Also got a new record I just dropped a couple of days ago, “Move” featuring local artist Andre Da Tippa so we got the video being shot late august and the video with Lajan Slim being shot in the new two weeks, so a whole lot of work coming

Anything you would like to say?

– Just want to say Thanks to everyone who is rocking with me and my team ” Southside Krooks” we coming with the pressure this year and aint stopping , shout out to GTS , Sori, Nico , alexia and tippa. They really got my back on this man so look out for more heat to come,and stay connected to all my social media,feel free to get at me,I respond to all fans and artist wanting to build.

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