Catching up with Dreadrock (Q&A)

How’s everything been going? It’s been a min since we chopped it up 

everything been moving smoothly just been focusing on press and media first quarter gotta some big interviews coming soon don’t wanna say no names till it out 

What are you currently working on?

I’m lining up the label for each month we release projects mufasa dropping February 25th and each month after that we release projects I’m currently working on two mixtape hopefully to be released in merch 2022 hosted by two djs from the city dj Shon and djyoungjd 

Do you have big plans for 2022? Like what?

yes I’m in the talks for a tour this year for summer and fall hope the COVID don’t stop it and major distribution can’t say who yet 

Do you feel like 2021 was a success for you? Why or why not?  

Yes it was very successful thanks to the media page like you guys supporting me I went viral last quarter October with my song I remember on tiktok over millions of plays crazy without a dance just driving video 

Are you working on signing any more artists? or producers? 

Yes I actually have a new artist from Florida a girl artist check Swervnation artist for more information she releasing a new single soon 

Is there anyone youd like to work with in the future? 

I’m open to work with anyone if it makes sense and we can catch a real vibe before the record I’m down just be yourself fr

I know you are from Chicago, are you still living there currently?  

I’m still in Illinois not Chicago I done made it out to better my family at this point 

A lot of artists move out and don’t come back. Do you think you would ever get to that point? 

No to me I’ll always visit it just things in my city no place can offer it just home  

Anything else youd like to say? 

I gotta thanks my wonderful fans all across the world for being here thru it all for better day S/o Poland and Sweden can’t forget my boys in Australia keep swerving Love from Swervnation 

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