Get to know: Dixon Guido

We got a chance to link with upcoming model/fashion expert Dixon Guido and talked with him about who he is, where he’s from, his influences, and more. Check it out below and be sure to follow him on social media. 

Explain who you are for those who may not know

Hey my name is Dixon Guido but you can call me “G” or “Dior”. I’m 18 and for those who don’t know i’m an Influencer/Fashion Model

Where are you from? 

I’m from Tampa, FL but my ethnicity is Costa Rican and Nicaraguan

What was it like growing up there?

Growing up in Tampa has been awesome, I met my realest homies and the people that will always keep me humble and down to earth. I have nothing but love and support for my city and everyone in It.

Who are your influences?

My biggest influences Fashion wise has to be ASAP Rocky, ASAP Bari, Virgil Abloh, Takashi Pom, Tyler the Creator, James Jebbia, Kim Jones and Nigo. Modeling wise my biggest influences has to be Jay Alvarrez, GullyGuyLeo, Bloody Osiris, Bloody Dior, Lukas Sabbat, Ian Connor and Zack Bia

What exactly do you do?

I’m a buisness man and also a fashion model.

Everyday I hustle and take 3-5 photos for my Instagram with different fits, post once on my main (@dixonguido) and one or two extras on my second (@antiguido) daily and then behind the scenes I market myself thoughtout Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc

How did you get into fashion?

I got into fashion around middle school with just sneakers and then in high school I really took it serious, started traveling everywhere, bought a lot of clothes (shirts, shoes, pants) from whatever money I made online at the time and boom I began to have my own style and made a name for myself.

What made you want to get into modeling? 

I got into modeling from the clothes I was able to purchase and so i begain taking photos since I was fortunate enough to travel a lot at the age of 16 and be able to afford what I had because of my popularity on social media. On top of that a lot of people started saying I should model and that’s exactly what I started doing on Instagram and I rolled with it.

How important is social media to your business? 

I grew up on and made all my money from social media so to me it’s a big deal to build my businesses based off of that because it’s what I know I can do to succeed, plus it’s easier to push my brand (@Gvendetta) and myself globally to a bigger audience.

What is your advice to others?

Be yourself and fuck what people think of you.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In 5 years I see myself successful I’m very confident in what I’m doing and I know I’m destined for greatness.

Anything else you would like to say?

I love all of you and you’ll see/hear more of me very soon I promise you that! Shoutout to my day 1 brother @padre , 2019 is our year!



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