Get to know: NephxDoe

Explain who you are for those who don’t know
For y’all who don’t know us we are a rap duo out of Savannah Georgia. We go by the name of NephxDoe (Neph and Doe). We some young niggas that’s trying to put our talent together and make a difference in a lot of people lifes. We both have goals and with proper planning we should get everything we want and more. 

How did you both meet?
The duo NephxDoe meet from a very young age, we are blood. Neph is Doe’s nephew. So yea we been locked in for a long time now. The duo started making music in the studio. Neph was working on some music and he was just finishing up in his song. Neph threw on another beat to work on and asked Doe did he want to record with him. Doe said yea and the rest was history. But maybe a month before that, Neph had found out that doe had been going to the studio for several months doing secret sessions. Recording and not telling anyone, then Neph liked what he heard from doe and wanted to hear them together. We rep CLF contagious limitless family. That’s the brand! 

Who are your influences? 
Neph influences- Boosie camouflage 
Doe influences- Jeezy, payroll giavonni, starlito, Soulja slim, 8ball, mr.bigg, Biggs aka quarter bird, camouflage 

What inspires you?
Doe- Also what also inspires me to do this music is because a lot of people sacrificed for me to here. Like my older cousin GP he really started everything with his music group 1733. We just took the pieces he left us and went from there. Rest In Peace thug. Also my ogs fresh and shady taught me everything in the streets and the hustling aspect of life. Now they doing 20 years so the torch is passed and I’ll be doing everyone a disservice if I’ll make this shit happen. It’s more than just trapping, I need that legal check. We done did all the street shit now it’s time to clean it up. 

Neph- what inspires me to do music is I know I have real talent and I know with this real talent I can change my mama and siblings and family life. All I know is the struggle all they know it’s the struggle it’s time to apply some pressure to some new shit and get to a bag off my story. 

Whats next for you all? 
Well we just dropped our new album “Lonely Starts” 13 song full with feel good music, good story telling, make you bounce beats, and that real and gritty flow. That just dropped November 26, 2021. It’s out on all platforms tidal, Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube and etc. But we always working on some new even though we just dropped a album we working on our solo projects and the next duo project. We also working on features too.

Anything else you’d like to say? 
We have so many blogs out, we got good music out, we have interviews out, man I just want people to get familiar with us and give that music a listen I guarantee you’ll find something from us you like. We got a lil some for everyone. 

Ig- @nappyheadneph_ @greyhound_doe @clf_ management
YouTube- NephxDoe
Twitter- NephxDoe

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