Get to know: Supastar Stayflexin

Where are you from?
South Seattle 

How long have you been doing music?
7 – 8 years 

What made you start?
having dreams of being on stage… friends & family , me realizing I had potential to actually do it and make it happen. 

What are you working on?
I’m working on my 6th project titled ” The Resurrection ” i named it that because Being behind bars can bring your buzz down as a rapper, especially  being independent. It’s hard to make people believe you still have what it takes. When you’re locked away, outta sight is outta mind, everybody forgets. But now I’m back I feel like I have something to prove, I love challenges and I don’t give up so The Resurrection  is just a way of saying I’m back. 

Who are your influences?
Lil Wayne is one of my first influences in music, music speaks for itself and he’s an all time favorite. 2 pac too for just keeping it real. Also 50 cent for being a great business man and killing the charts and I used to rock with T.i. heavy when he was in his prime. I remember him coming out of jail and just going hard. 

Anything else you want to say?
Follow my Instagram @Supastar_stayflexin for more updates on new music and big shout out HIP HOPS REVIVAL thank you for this opportunity

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