Get to know: WavyLifeOfJohn

Explain who you are for those who don’t know
For those of you who do not know me, I am John aka WavyLifeOfJohn. I am a 21 year old videographer. I came up with the name WavyLifeOfJohn because I was at a lower point in my life and I was letting people’s opinions of me affect how I viewed myself. One day I woke up and said “This is my life, Why am I letting people dictate how I live it?” That’s how I became WavyLifeOfJohn. 

Where are you from?
I am from New York, specifically Valley Stream. 

What made you first pick up a camera?
I first picked up the camera in 11th grade. Me and my close friend 100yrd who is a producer would just hangout after school and take pictures of eachother on our Iphones. Then one day I actually took my moms camera out of her room and used that to take some photos. 100yrd told me that the photos I took were fire and that I should start doing it professionally. That’s when I realized I had fallen in love with the camera and the creative process of taking pictures.

How long have you been filming?
I was always taking pictures but I realized that directing, shooting and editing a music video would allow me to be able to dive deeper in the creative aspect of my mind. So in the beginning of 2019 I shot my first music video Speedway Forgiato Ft Roadrunner TB & Savy – Soulplane.

How long does it typically take you to shoot and edit a video?
Depending on the type of video it can take up to 2 days of shooting or I can finish everything within a few hours. Typically I start editing as soon as I get home front the shoot this way I can see if there is anything that I can do better for the next day. It usually takes me 2-3 days to finish editing a music video, and a couple of hours to finish editing a vlog style youtube video.  

What’s your fav video you shot? 
My favorite video that I shot had to be Speedway Forgiato Ft Roadrunner TB & Savy – Soulplane. This was one of my first videos that I ever shot. The video was done in Brooklyn and the whole time was extremely funny. There was never a dull moment on set. Plus the energy from everyone in the video was amazing. 

What’s the funniest story you’ve encountered while shooting a video? 
The funniest story that I have was during this summer when I shot a youtube video for a youtuber from the Bronx named Kai Cenat. The video was staying in the woods for 24 hours. Off camera when we were halfway done filming we ended up getting chased by a swarm of bees. I ended up tripping a falling flat on my face while Kai was literally in a boxing match with 3 bees. I then got up and began fighting the bees with Kai, Afterwards we couldn’t stop laughing so we had to stop shooting for a little bit and calm down. 

Who would you like to shoot with that you haven’t?
I would honestly love to shoot a music video for Lucki. All of his videos look trippy and abstract and I feel like I would do an amazing job editing for him. Another artist that I would like to shoot for is Lil Uzi Vert because his energy on camera is so upbeat that I feel like we would have such a good time shooting and laughing. 

Do you ever see yourself filming a movie?
I definitely do see myself filming a movie, but I would want it to be a motivational film. Like one where the main character comes from nothing and works his/her way to the top and proves the people that doubted them wrong. 

What’s next for you?
There’s a lot that I have in store for the people who support me. In late April I have my second piece from my clothing line @secludedarchive releasing. I also have a few videos that I am going to be releasing for local artists. 

Anything else you’d like to say?
I would just like the people out there reading this to know that they should never let anyone tell them that their dreams are too big. If you can dream it you can achieve it. 



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