HiddenHillsForever Is Hip Hop’s Hidden Gem

Shining out of Atlanta by way of Seattle is a hidden gem by the name of HiddenHillsForever. Leaving his distinctive mark with his most recent release, Hiddenhillsforever makes a bold statement. Last year, the multifaceted musician dropped off his most popular project to date, his Hell Of A Night EP.

HiddenHillsForever Unveils ‘Hell Of A Night

Speaking for itself, the project is packed with relatable tracks with caption worthy lyrics. In addition to effortlessly blending the exhilarating features of hip-hop with the intimate touches of R&B. This album showcases the emering artist’s growth. The musical sounds of Hiddenhillsforever and the project tap into your thoughts and emotions. When listening to Hell Of A Night, your mind, ears and emotions are taken on a thrill. It heightens your senses as the vibes take you on a ride. Laced with diverse records, his project sets the one for the masses.

The Music

Hills is an extravagant oracle who presents his chaotic tales in the most beautiful way possible. Hiddenhillsforever’s vision is clear on track after track: to create a colorful and creamy psychedelic wonderland. When Hills combines his voice with a warped guitar and choppy 808s, he creates a cloudy and luxurious atmosphere that transports the listener to the scenes of each song as if they are living it. Hills’ vocals exploding over bouncy synths, glitchy drums, and octave changes explode off each track, transporting listeners to a LA rager or even a heartbroken one. He frequently demonstrates his vulnerability, allowing fans into his mind as he goes through his emotions in real time. Every time Hills touches a mic, we get a free ticket into his life, and what a ride it can be.

If you haven’t already, get familiar with HiddenHillsForever here! Next, press play on his album below. Also, give it a spin and let us know what you think! Stay tuned here at Hip Hop’s Revival for more news, music and updates! Lastly, take a look at our dope interview below!

HiddenHillsForever: The Interview

  • Hey Hidden! Thank you for sliding through Hip Hop’s Revival and putting us on to all things HiddenHillsForever! Let’s jump right in! Please tell fans new and old, who HiddenHillsForever is and where did it all begin?!

“Hey I thank you guys for having me. Before we begin, I want to say that I am a big fan of All Hip Hop and what the platform represents for artists like myself. As for Hiddenhillsforever, I’m an artist, a human-being just expressing myself as creatively as possible using my experiences and words to form imagery to hopefully help whoever’s listening to escape the world for even just a moment while remaining relatable in a sense. I guess like anyone else I’m just a person who wants to be heard.”

  • Originally from Seattle before relocating to Atlanta, how would you say both coasts and environments influence your sound and style? 

“Man i want to say Seattle and Atlanta have similarities but are still like night and day when it comes to music. Growing up in Seattle all I heard on the radio was lyrical Hip-Hop and R&B, so when I arrived in Atlanta I was introduced to a lot of trap and dance music as well as a whole new world of genres. It really introduced a lot more of the alternative sides to each genre that I was used to listening to. I would say both places influenced me a lot from Atlanta with the melodies, 808’s, and flows to Seattle with the lyricism and delivery. For me musically they both go hand and hand.”

The Artistry Of HiddenHillsForever

  • At what age did you begin creating music and in which mediums? 

“My mom bought me my first studio when I was 12. I believe it was an all in one recording bundle and from that moment on I began recording songs. My passion for making music all started when I was growing up, by me participating in choir, orchestra, and band in school and singing in church when I came to Atlanta. All these things really sparked my interest in wanting to create my own sound and what I wanted to hear musically.”

  • I feel stage names are very significant in this industry. It’s the listeners first impression and initial insight into the artist and their artistry. I love yours! How did it come about? What does it mean to you & what is the inspiration behind it? 

“Hiddenhillsforever is an entity that has always been a mask for me, something like a superhero. I’m a bit of an introvert so my qualities as a person are mainly hidden until I feel comfortable enough to reveal them. My name isn’t just me but a state of mind and a means to escape whatever you’re going through just to be in a moment where nothing else matters but how you feel. I thought long and hard about my name because I knew it had to represent me as well as the brand. I just wanted an artist name that made me feel comfortable in my own skin. The world needs more people that can exemplify just being yourself and when you see Hiddenhillsforever just know you see me.”

  • How do you put words to paper? What’s your creative process like?

“I actually do not write any of my music I just go in the booth and project. However, I feel off the top of my head. With that being said I typically try to only make music when I’m inspired. Also, throughout the day I may hum a melody and record it into voice memos on my phone to use for a song that it may match well with later. My process is similar to piecing a puzzle together. I try to do what makes sense and if it doesn’t make sense I don’t do it at all.”

‘Hell Of A Night’

  • Recently, you released your 5-track EP, Hell Of A Night, how did the inspiration come about? 

“Really just in a moment of realizing how quickly things can change between you and a significant other. Most of my songs come about by me being so much in my head about people and the things i’ve been through so it causes me to often self reflect on things and with that comes this piece of art.”

  • Every record on the project is a hit! The titles even reflect the dialogue of a “hell of a night”! Was each record inspired by a true event or just very relatable? 

“Definitely true events that were a bit over exaggerated to let the listeners into my head so they can understand how I felt and see the things I saw, and foresaw that night.”

  • Outside of the project, you followed up with the release of your trendy track titled, “Summer Sauga”. Tell us more about that record.

“Summer Sauga is just a relatable song for anyone fighting to let go of someone they want to be with but shouldn’t be with. Unfortunately, we have to break our own hearts essentially to put our own lives back together.”

New Year, New Music?

  • Additionally, you recently tweeted about new music and a new project dropping…staying consistent with curating and releasing music… What keeps you focused and constantly in a creative space?

“God, my support system, my team and my loved ones just constantly push me and allow me to unapologetically be myself and go through the necessary motions in my transition into the music industry. I get discouraged at times but I know it takes a village and I’m not alone in this. That’s what keeps me creating.”

  • Also, without saying too much… What else can we expect from your forthcoming project?

“Visuals, collaboration and vulnerability but sonically I would say a lot more of me experimenting with my voice, better quality and better music.”

  • As a multifaceted artist, there’s always a particular record they love to perform that really sets the tone. What’s your go-to track to perform?

I would say Summer Sauga, it just hits every time!”

What’s Next?

  • With such creativity and unique artistry throughout your career I’m sure you’ve penned a number of records — both, released and unreleased. Is there a specific record that holds a certain significance or is a personal favorite?

Yes but it is unreleased and I’m definitely planning to drop it in the near future for sure.”

  • Next, as we wrap up, what’s next for HiddenHillsForever?

Visuals, collaborations, shows, merch and more content for my fans. Just more Hills.”

  • Lastly, thank you so much again for chopping it up with myself for Hip Hop’s Revival! Before we close out, is there a message that you’d like to leave fans with?

First thank you for having me and for my fans just know It’s just the beginning!”


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