Lee Harriz talks styling Slump God, touring, whats next with him, and more

What’s up fam how you been?

Man life’s been Different ever since I changed my lane of fashion & The people I’m around daily ! Really all I can say is life’s been amazing now 

I heard you just got off tour. How was it?

Tour was dope ! Been really busy I couldn’t make every show so I had to send my assistant Hollywood to a-couple of shows to do all the styling and fittings for ski. One thing about ski I can say is he’s a genuine person ! No problems never mad always happy Energy’s always there ! 

Where all did you go?

Im going to just leave this here

Which place was your favorite?

Every city was amazing from what I heard. I didn’t make every show but Phx & Nyc & LA is always a Good vibe 

What’s the most memorable moment for you?

Lmao me and ski was taking shot for shot and I had to tap out lol we just laughed then went to rock out the show 

What is it like styling Slump God?

Perfect artist to style because he likes it all. It was very easy and calm to put clothes on him. He sometimes would say nah brother I can’t fit this and I’ll try it on and then he would be like ok bet I can haha but he’s a good person bro 

I gained more respect and a brother hood than worrying about styling him 

Do you plan on doing more touring?

Yes I do with him & the team. I want to thank JMP for making everything possible ❤️

What do you have coming for the rest of the year?

More big time interviews! Working on my craft of the model industry & focusing on making it to 2023 

Anything else you’d like to say?

RIP To All the legends 

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