Indy Spotlight: Aivin

Explain who you are for those who may not know
I’d consider myself as a producer, engineer and singer/songwriter going by the name of aivin. Growing up in Austria/Europe I’m now located in a city called Graz and doing music independently.   

How long have you been doing music?
I fell in love with music when I was little as my father always listened to a lot of music. But growing up as a teenager I was more into sports.  When I started learning how to play the guitar I was 18 years old – by watching Youtube tutorials. Since then I taught myself to produce and record myself and made music my priority over the past 7 years. 

What inspires you when creating a song?
For me I’d say past experiences, the visualization of the life I want to grow into and the vibes of the musical part are having the most influence when creating a song.  As I like to speak in metaphors and to speak things into existence, my music is always related to some parts of my life – past, present and future. 

You have many talents. What’s your fav skill?
Considering all my talents I would say my fav skill is to keep my mind and soul healthy. Focusing on daily progress and keeping a positive, healthy mindset is helping me manifest my own reality more and more.

How did you come up with the idea of ALIEN POWER TOOLS?
The whole Alien Power Tools EP originated during the start of the pandemic last year when I reached out to the UK producer Staticbeatz for collaborating on a project. He produced the musical part on the whole EP with co producers Nozad11 from Germany and Cammuzik from the UK. In this time period I focused a lot on my mental state of mind and spiritual growth, which reflects in the songs. To me the EP means that your mind can reach out for the farthest parts of the universe whilst still being physically bound to one place.   

What is your favorite song on the EP?
Honestly I don’t have a favorite song on the EP because I really like all of them and see them connected as a whole. 
That’s why I would recommend everyone to listen from start to finish.

What is next for you?
There is a lot of music finished, I can guarantee more projects to be released this year – stay tuned. 

Anything else you’d like to say?
To the people who are listening to my music I want to say – thank you for being part of the journey. Let’s see where it takes us – we are aiming for the galaxy.

aivin: https://www.instagram.com/aivin_mttrschff/

staticbeatz: https://www.instagram.com/staticbeatz/

nozad11: https://www.instagram.com/nozad11/

cammuzik: https://www.instagram.com/cammuzik/


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