Kilo Tae releases his new single “Good Day”

Kilo Tae, out with his new single “Good Day” inspired after a first time trip to Santa Barbara and his experience of its party life. Coming from Northeast Baltimore his motivation for the track stemmed from seeing how different life is in Southern California and simply breaking away from all the noise and negativity in Baltimore. “Seeing those palm trees in the sky and that beautiful beach. I just had such a good time, I just couldn’t help myself but to rap about it. 

The track was produced by godummikyle” also known as Kyle Junior, a producer with an extensive catalog and a large subscriber base on YouTube. “I found Kyle on YouTube, he has thousands of fire beats and I would love to someday meet him. I mean we have good music together, so of course I want to be able to meet the man behind the magic.” His first solo album is in the works and there’s talk if “Good Day” will go on it or not, currently the team is still in debate. Kilo’s main move for the future is to land a distribution deal while sticking to his plan and grinding it out.

“I hope I just take off…I’m covered like State Farm’s” that good gas had me in the booth spazzin not even goin lie to you dummy.” With bars like those we hope to hear more from Kilo Tae in the coming future. Check out “Good Day” in the links down below.

Spotify Link FOr “Good Day”

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