Music Mogul, Meikhel Philogene Is Focused On Making An Impact In The Music Industry

Miami has become an epicenter of many things over the years from showcases at Art Basel to having our own Fashion Week, but when it comes to the music industry the spotlight’s been up for grabs for a while now. As a first generation Cuban-Haitian American, Meikhel Philogene wants to change that.

M.E.I. Recordings has been a vision that was brought to fruition from its humble days back in 2017. Meikhel began his journey with longtime friend and music artist Cameron Dietz who had approached him for some help to push his upcoming EP at the time. From then on he took upon himself the role of a manager before officially settling in his title later that year. With grassroots beginnings the company had originally served as a simple artist management company before it’s first expansion with a PR sector in 2020.

Fast forward to now the company’s doing very successful with the new public relations sector handling big name clients such as $DVLLV$, A Beck, CimplyDan, Donnie Visa, Ike Rhein, James Qupid, Lada Beseda, Lu$, Marlounsly, Naomi Sky, Nia Ray, Noah Singer, Soleil, and Sylvia Bremer.

Meikhel doesn’t want to stop just there. In the coming months M.E.I. plans to expand adding a sync licensing and record label division. Following that he’s had ideas to add in a video production  and a talent agency division and have them up and running by early next year.

Meikhel doesn’t only have his hands in music, he also fancies himself as a designer with his own fashion brand Psalm Infinity. The brand is set to launch in the first quarter of the year with a percentage of the proceeds going to a different charity each month. “The plan is to get community engagement, so the charity is determined by the people on a monthly basis.” An idea everyone can get behind to inspire others to give back to their community.

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