Portland-based Artist Pearl Reveals a Brand New Project “404 vol.2”

Portland-based artist Pearl releases a brand new project titled “404 vol.2” Instantly giving alternative, classic vibes with “u and ur friends” (feat. Callthisnumber). The music is big summertime, windows-down vibes as Pearl gives us an update of where his life has been during these shaky times. Pearl says “I’ve had a lot of ups and downs and with that, a lot of time to reflect on what I’ve been doing and feeling”. He wanted to release the next project at the right time, in part due to the quarantine. “404 vol.2” Is the next part of the first project Pearl released a couple of years ago and is currently out on all platforms.

Pearl is also representing and collaborating with artists such as Callthisnumber and Portland guitarist Dante Smith. “These features also mean a lot to me” Pearl expressed “All three of them had a major hand in the overall end result”. These artists blended nicely on the featured tracks, complementing the genre-bending beats and vocal melodies produce a beautiful trance. Tracks like “Palm Springs” and “Show Me” draw you in close for a burst of clarity and provides catchy themes. “In short my inspiration for this project was to write a love letter to the ups and downs I’ve gone through since I released 404 vol.1”. Throughout the tracks the project becomes magnetic and electric, creating timelessness

Pearl is 100% involved in his creative process adding that Dante Smith also helped take the entire project to another level of immersion. He stated “I recorded all these songs during the pandemic so I wasn’t really moving around a lot like I usually am” and that played a big part in his inspiration for the project “I wanted these songs to sound nostalgic to being able to go out and have fun”. Stay tuned in with this upcoming artist, Pearl has already started his next project he is calling “Heavens Nightclub” (as of right now).

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