Star Taury – Talented Trainwreck

Star Taury’s new project “Talented Trainwreck” just dropped a few days ago. If you haven’t checked it out, you’re missing out! It is such an instant classic, that his fans are already asking for a vinyl edition! It has 16 new tracks for your ears and has tons of versatile flavor. It is currently out now on all streaming platforms. If you’re into real lyricism, this project would be for you. I feel like this is the type of substance that HipHop is missing right now. Let’s support real HipHop, and stream this project! The best talent is underground, don’t forget that! There was no better time to release this, the whole project is giving me late fall/winter vibes! Perfect to bump in your whip while you’re ripping and running!

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01. Star Taury – Covid Nightmares.mp3
02. Star Taury – Angels.mp3
03. Star Taury – Dimelo.mp3
04. Star Taury – Lightskin Baby With The Snotty Nose (feat. Nems).mp3
05. Star Taury – Deep In The Trenches (feat. Woon Mike).mp3
06. Star Taury – Grow Old With (feat. R.Notes).mp3
07. Star Taury – Forever Danny Boy.mp3
08. Star Taury – In All Honesty.mp3
09. Star Taury – Black America.mp3
10. Star Taury – Talented Trainwreck 2 (Miss Gina Second Son) (feat. R.Notes).mp3
11. Star Taury – For Free.mp3
12. Star Taury – Demons.mp3
13. Star Taury – Can’t Fuck With Me (feat. Suge White).mp3
14. Star Taury – Meditation.mp3
15. Star Taury – Good Girl,Bad Timing (feat. King Esso).mp3
16. Star Taury – Such Is Life (Outro).mp3

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