TNC Laid releases brand new collection “Forever Grateful”

Growing up in  Philadelphia, PA,  the environment TNC Laid grew up in affects the music he makes today. Using his gritty Philly tone, TNC is able to capture a multitude of listeners with his releases. Starting out by writing poetry then slowly transitioning into the more lyrical style of hip-hop after hearing dope beats his cousin was sending him, TNC Laid’s career has simply taken off. Always having a passion for music, this is right where TNC wants to be. As of recently, TNC has landed a music licensing opportunity with the NBA for his song Covid Tales.This is his first major music licensing opportunity, which is a dream come true where he is from.

As for new music, TNC has also just released a brand new collection titled, “Forever Grateful”. Primarily focusing on the things he is grateful for in life, TNC hopes to inspire his listeners to look within themselves as well. Featuring a number of rising artists like YT Maderia, Joshh G, and Qua Da Hustla, uses his collaborations strategically. Looking to tap into multiple fan bases, TNC has chosen
artists of similar sound and size. Also featured on this project is new flows, sounds, and melodies that his fans haven’t heard from him yet. Making sure he does not sound the same on any two songs, Laid is always incorporating new styles into his music. This versatility has set his music apart from the rest of the talent we see in Philly. Make sure to tune in now before it is too late! TNC Laid’s music can be
found via all major streaming platforms and he thanks his fans for their continued support.

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