Novu$XXX – Fallen

Novu$XXX is an upcoming underground artist from London, UK. The 15-year-old rapper, mainly known through his presence on Soundcloud, has seen large growth in popularity in the hip-hop scene, with his most popular projects, ‘ctrl.backspace’ and ‘LUCY’. Novu$XXX is recognized as having similar styles to Joey Badass, XXXTENTACION, Capital Steez and Griselda.

He has recently dropped his latest single “Fallen,” which features his distinctive fusion of underground hip-hop and beats. The track’s thought-provoking lyrics, make “Fallen” a potent offering that highlights Novu$XXX’s exceptional skills as an emerging artist to look out for. For those who appreciate innovative rap and boundary-pushing music, this release is a must-add to their playlists. Stream it below:

Smart Link: https://www.gate.fm/oTkupE

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