Rover Kasanova – Super Charged

Rover Kasanova Is looking to takeover 2020 as he gears up to release his new project titled “Super Charged”. The album is scheduled to drop on February 5th, 2021. This album includes themes of hustling and overcoming obstacles to become the best you could be, and overall just struggling before you could get to the top. But Rover believes he is speaking to the streets on this project, not wanting to bring them down but up with him. 

With much versatility, Rover Kasanova gives us a diverse project when it comes to vibes and his vocal performance. Ranging from regular rap beats to more vibey hippy tracks. He has always been told that he couldn’t do it, and with life throwing many obstacles his ways, he felt like he as if it was him against the world. He didn’t let this stop him as he used it as motivation to finish the album. Overall defining the final product that it came out to be. With the album recording sessions being located in a car to a regular home studio, Rover gives us many different vibes that he has tapped into himself with this project.

Stream Rover Kassanova’s newest release, “Super Charged” below



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