Canadian Hip-Hop Powerhouse Nate Husser Releases New Single “Get Out” ft. Merlyn Wood

Canada has birthed some of hip-hop’s biggest stars to-date, and Montreal native Nate Husser is next up. Something like the Lebron James of Montreal hip-hop, Nate Husser has been hustling hard and expanding his audience with his stellar and ever-growing discography. He recently released a new single “Get Out” ft. Merlyn Wood, which was the perfect enlistment. The two have completely different flows, sounds and personas, yet fit so well on “Get Out.”

His latest EP Adult Supervision has fans old and new in a frenzy, hence the high anticipation for the release of “Get Out” which has received an overwhelming amount of pre-saves prior to its official drop. Preparing for bigger releases and collaborations, Nate Husser is on fire. Stream “Get Out” ft. Merlyn Wood below:

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