CitytheKing, Tye Free, and Mav Are Still Rocking “Since Birth”

CitytheKingTye Free, and Mav have collaborated to create a captivating and thought-provoking music video for their sizzling single, “Since Birth”. Accompanying the astounding audio is a vibrant visual that highlights their artistic talent. While also paying respect to their roots at Phillipa Schuyler Middle School, which is where they discovered their passion for poetry and rap.

Directed by the extraordinary EyeMakeMedia, the music video serves as a visual masterpiece that takes viewers on a riveting trip through the artists’ lives. Their camaraderie and artistic collaboration is brilliantly captured in the video, which dates back to their days at Phillipa Schuyler Middle School. “To Whom Much is Given, Much is Required,” the school motto, maintains a special place in their hearts and serves as a driving force behind their creative pursuits. 

Matter of fact, Mav is engaged in a book throughout the video, signifying the artist’s varied talent as a rapper, poet, and filmmaker. His presence provides a significant degree of depth to the visual narrative, underlining the notion of intellectual development and artistic discovery. Then Tye Free proved to be a promising and emerging figure in the music world, celebrated for his captivating charisma and exceptional skills as a lyricist. CitytheKing, renowned rapper and lyricist is celebrated for his distinct fusion of storytelling and impactful messages in his music.

Overall, the trendy track is a touching tribute to the artists’ heritage as well as an ode to the countless hours they spent honing their craft together. The video illustrates the transformational power of art as well as the enduring bonds of friendship. “Since Birth” is an impressive blend of raw relish and lyrical artistry, boosted further by the addition of a sample from a well-known ghetto superstar. 

CitytheKing’s unique flair, Tye Free’s compelling delivery, and Mav’s heartfelt lyricism blend in perfect unison to create an exhilarating musical experience that connects with audiences all over the world. Nonetheless, the collaborative efforts of CitytheKing, Tye Free, and Mav in “Since Birth” proves the power of music to transcend boundaries and inspire communities. Their common background and artistic journey give away authenticity and relatability to the project, making it a motivating melody for dreamers and doers worldwide.

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