Do.Main Highlights Two Singles From His New Album, ‘WARRIOR IN HELL”

Do.Main highlights two new singles; “Freddy” and “Comfy in Hell” both from his album WARRIOR IN HELL. “Freddy” originally being a Baby Keem x Kendrick Lamar type beat, after recording on it and showing it off to his friends it was clear that this was a hit. After his friends kept pushing him to do more on the track Do.Main eventually switched out his number three on the tracklist which was “Friends to Enemies” with “Freddy”. “Friends to Enemies” was then released as a double sided single.

The melodies on “Comfy in Hell” alone are a cause for praise. The track dives deep into the feeling of being trapped in some sort of hell and ends up being its thematic upbringing. The three verses following that track came through with a breeze. Money problems, the state of the world, and even systematic oppression are big themes on this track. “Comfy in Hell” is a track like none before. Stay tuned for more to come from this rising upcoming artist. Stream WARRIOR IN HELL on all your favorite digital streaming platforms.

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Spotify Link For “WARRIOR IN HELL”

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