Get to know: 2kPharaoh

This evening we connect with 2kParaoh and got to know a little more about him behind the music. 

Check out our exclusive Q&A below 


How did you get into music?

My family always been musically orientated. My cousin from Memphis, TN was a major influence on my music career due to the fact that he encounter a deal proposition from three 6 mafia. After that, I started looking at music like an escape out the trenches to better life. Music is my life.

How long you been doing it?

I been doing music since seven years old. I used to take my grand mother tape recorder out here room, bring it in the basement, then record me rapping. Then, I moved to performing dealing with performing companies like Arron Chicago, which opened venues for artists to earn revenue and promotion on the north side of Chicago. I came from unprofessional recordings to making better quality music performing all over the world.

Who are your influences?

People that influence my music is my family especially my little brothers because the technology we have today allows them to search me and watch videos that are appropriate for their age which is cool. Artist like Miata Meek, HB, Daddy I Wallace, and my life created the music I make. I’m not a drill rapper, but I talk about conditions I have lived and experience. Society influenced me to put my everyday life into poetry or even rap music. I prefer to call my genre “Flamed Up” music which is a energetic version of hype music. Rap, Hip Hop, and pop music is my preference.

What motivates you?

My motivations are my family mainly. Everyday I think of a master plan to Theo lifestyle. Also, my fans motivate me a lot giving feedback about what sounds they like even the ones they dislike. I love when I see dislikes on YouTube videos and negative comments about my work. That’s another motivation due to that fact I’m always working and making progress into pleasing all my fans. I review my work myself just to see what I could have done better. My sons Zion and Darius is majority of the reason why I go so hard. I got two young men to be which means I gotta set a higher standard and exactly be an example of what I want them to be. Being a young father is hard and certain times I’m put conditions I can’t control and I have to do what I have to do, but now maturing and aging, I realized it’s a bigger picture and they is going to always need me. Having my two boys allowed me to focus on music more and more because otherwise I would be in streets getting into things that are irrelevant. I love them and my family dearly, but I love God my savior even more.

What’s next for you?

I will be on Chicago’s #1 underground radio station, Power 92.3 Chicago, premiering my new single “Another One” produced by ShaqDaBeatMaker to the whole Chicago. My lastest mixtape “2k The Ruler” Hosted by Chief Keef’s official dj, Dj Amaris, my sophomore project had to set a trend to hold status. I really didn’t release any music after my EP album Love the Fake and Hate the Real, which is featured on Google Play, iTunes, and iHeartRadio. Also, i will be featured in the SXSW festival for 2017 so stay intune!


Anything you would like to say to your fans?

Thank y’all for supporting me I haven’t forgot about y’all I just been producing quality music. I’m not sure who I’m talking to or who’s reading this right now, but just know I pay attention to you loyalty and your support since I built my foundation. I would like to thank you and all you have done I love for you.

Stream “2k The Ruler” here: https://spinrilla.com/mixtapes/2k-pharaoh-2k-the-ruler-hosted-by-dj-amaris

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