Get to know: 3Live

Get to know the upcoming rap group known as 3Live



Explain who you are for those who may not know
We are 3Live, a rap group from Kansas City, Missouri. our 3 members are Richy, CashFlow and OGC.

When did you get into music
we been into music our whole lives, listening to artists and developing our styles. we didn’t really start taking it seriously until recently when we realized we can really make hits.

Who are your influences
Growing up listening to a lot of Soulja Boy, Lil Wayne and Travis Scott has influenced us, but mostly we influence ourselves and we have our own style.

What motivates you to grind
We want to be rich, and make it out the poverty. We are motivated by diamonds and bringing our family with us to success.

What are you working on
Right now we are working on our Debut Mixtape coming this year with “Can’t Lose” being the lead single. That song going crazy in Kansas City and we really want it to blow up everywhere because we know it can be a hit.

What’s next for you
Its time for us to blow up. whats next is for everyone to realize our true talent. we feel like our time is now and we want the world to feel us.

Anything you would like to say to your fans
Everything we put out is for our fans. We promise to make the Loot and share the fame with ya’ll #3Live. Thank You

Here is the link to our current single “Can’t Lose” – https://soundcloud.com/realrichy/cant-lose

Also the link to our other joint out entitled “Promise” – https://soundcloud.com/realrichy/3live-promise

Stay Tuned

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