Get to know: Issa

Tonight we bring you a dope indy talent who goes by the name of Issa.

We found him searching for talent via Twitter and was pretty impressed by his skill.


Issa, 19 years of age from Sacramento, CA has a message for listeners seeking truth within hip hop. His rhythm and rhetoric have been refined through pain, urban war, loss and resilience. His elastic message touches on mental health within the youth, the insecurities within masculinity and many other societal complexities that are amplified within under-represented communities. The organic creativity and understanding allows him to perpetuate a flow that is guided by a dark reflection of himself and his environment. In the new year of 2017, Issa and the flycircle team prepare a series of projects and collaborations that will help portray this societal dissonance. Details and announcements for upcoming releases can be found on any of our social media outlets, we support your local.

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