Get to know: Ro’bee

Q)Explain who you are for those who don’t know:
A) My name is Ro’bee Stallings and I’m a Hip Hop artist currently living in Denton Texas but I am originally from Kilgore Texas.

Q)Where are you from?
A) I was born in Detroit Michigan but I was raised in Kilgore Texas.

Q)Whats it like growing up where your from?
A) Growing up in Kilgore was a trip, there was never really much to do. There is like 13,000 people in my hometown and most of em are related lol.

Q)How did you get into music?
A) I started writing poetry in 8th grade (2004). In 2006 I discovered how to take the poems I was writing and put them to a beat. That same year I recorded my first song. It was a song about my hometown of the Luniz “5 on it” beat. We road around blasting that same 2 mins and 45 seconds for the rest of the day lol. By 2008 I was releasing Cds at my high school. Since then I’ve been at it. The grind had been hella consistent.

Q)What is it that you do? 
A) I’m a Hip Hop artist the writes my own lyrics , from time to time I host events with my promo company Legworks Promotion. I’m currently pushing my new single “Tip Jar”.

Q) What are your goals? 
A) next year this time I would like to a a raging fan base and a demand of my brand that allows me to quit my day job, and Support myself and my family, allowing me to quit my day job.

Q)What are you currently working on?
A) At the moment I’m Promoting and pushing my single, in the mean time I’m slowly putting together my album.

Q)How do you feel about the current state of HipHop?
A) I feel like Hip Hop is a young mans Sport and it’s constantly changing, however I wish there was a bit more diversity from artist to artist….and let’s keep it all the way ….. everybody ain’t in the trap selling dope..

Q)Anything you would like to say? 
A) As a you up an coming artist who is driven to provide a quality of entertainment that will last for generations to come. You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Soundcloud, iTunes, Tidal, Google play as Ro’bee Stallings.

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