Get to know: Saint

Today we bring you a new artist by the name of Saint.

He is from North Carolina and is a very motivated artist.

Get to know more about him below


Explain who you are for those who may not know 

My name is Saint, Im an Upcoming Rapper From Durham, North Carolina. I was born in Brooklyn, NY and lived on Flatbush ave until i was 9 years old and then ended up moving down South due to the economy and for better living conditions. As a kid growing up in Durham things wasn’t easy its a lot of negative things going on and a lot of easy way to get caught up and left by the waste side, I chose not to be one, & take my rap career serious and not take No for an answer. I was raised to keep it real, stand solid and never fold; Also to always stay true to yourself and never switch for anyone, Real recognize real and we done lost too many people to the streets of Durham I got to be the one to take us out and make things happen. Other than just rapping I am also the CEO of High Class Entertainment as well as the clothing line (High Class Apparel) and other brands affiliated with the team.Stay tuned with me and all other info in regards to me. Saint The Movement!

How did you get into music? 

Ive honestly been into the music since i was a kid you know playing around freestyling and writing, but i was always around music and very influenced by the feeling it gave me. My pops was a musician as well (singer) as i began to get older i felt like i had things to say and a message to be heard so i just followed suit; But for real i can say that i started taking music serious about a year and a half ago to 2 years now after i seen what it could do and that i could really do something with it.

Who are your influences? 

My influences are God first, My Brothers, My Family and all My fallen Soldiers Looking down on me as well as all my supporters.

What motivates you?

The struggle, My loved ones that couldn’t be here, putting on for my city & Showing everybody That through adversity you can make it happen. Never let anyone tell you what you can and cannot do, you can do anything you put your mind to.

What are your working on?

At the moment I’m working on a couple features and some singles, as well as a second mixtape named “Love Or Lust” and an EP named “Undrafted” both Dropping February on all outlets (Spinrilla, Soundcloud, My Mixtapez, etc.)

What are you working on?

I plan to drop these 2 projects in february as well as these singles. After that i plan to hit the people with straight visuals and performances which will lead into a chain of shows I’m planning for this summer. I am also still open and working on features and collabs. I have a lot of other things in store such as High Class Apparel (clothing line)Releasing soon as well as other High Class Accessories and a strand of Vlogs coming soon.

Anything else? 

I appreciate all the support and everyone rocking with me, keep supporting and spreading the wave. Shout out to hip hops revival for interviewing me and Supporting the movement. S/o to everyone at home reading this keep supporting and doing what you doing, S/o to The Bull City & S/o to everyone out here chasing a dream, if you got a dream go get it and never allow anyone to take that vision from you and Never Settle. Dont be an employee make Yourself a boss! Stay Tuned #SaintTheMovement #HighClassEnt

Instagram: TheRealSaint5
FaceBook: Ayoo’ Saint
Twitter: Shiyah_5
Spinrilla: https://www.spinrilla.com/mixtapes/dj-bankroll-saint-godbody
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/saint919

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