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TraeDon “GrapeSoda” Henderson was born August 22, 1991 in Carrollton Georgia, Forty minutes west of Atlanta, Georgia. He is an American indie artist. At a young age he had an ear for music and was heavily influenced by westcoast artist such as 2pac, Dru Down, N.W.A, Mac Dre and many more.


He first started off writing poems and then he gravitated to writing rhymes around the age of 15. In the year of 2010 he recorded his first song “Swag High” in his friends room. Then after hearing his voice alongside a beat on a stereo he was hooked. He began to take music seriously, With the release of his first mixtape in the spring of 2015 titled “Life Is Grape” he developed his on sound.

He Said, ” I wasn’t really into making music at first, I just wanted to play basketball, then when I first heard Dom Kennedy and Kendrick Lamar before they blew up I was like yeah, they made it sound fun and real at the same time. My homie and cousins put me on to these dudes so I knew they had to be dope.”

He also collaborated with many artist, displaying his smooth flow with an breezy energetic graceful voice. With his recent release and second Mixtape in the books “Life Is Grape: Part 2”. He catches the essence of summertime vibes, kickbacks, and bbqs. LISG2 has garnared buzz amongst his peers and is still climbing with the medley for many more springs and summers to come.

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