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Tonight we bring you a new artist that goes by the name of Youngg Kobe.


Learn more about him below. 


Artist: Youngg Kobe (18yrs)

This is the first song off of Youngg Kobe’s hot mixtape titled NBA(Nothing But Action)

When did you get into music ?

When I was nine. My uncle (that’s my manager now) was big In music and he had a studio. I mean I was always there so one day I just went in and since then I been going crazy.

What made you want to pick up a mic?

I ain’t even gone lie, for me it was the lifestyle. I used to always watch videos of other artists and think like “I wanna live like that one day.” I guess I was so tired of living in poverty that I used to just dream about it. Now the dream coming true.

Who are your influences?

Everybody I love, the ones I’ll die for, the ones dead and gone, the ones in that can staring at the wall, my gang, & my city. I do this for y’all.

What is life like where your from?

I mean sh*t real you know? Shootouts broad day, Police harassing us, it’s already bad as far as the economy.. It’s no jobs, everybody robbing and stealing. I mean here it’s easy to lose your life. Gotta keep a gun, cause if you don’t it can cost you your life.

How do you get inspired?
Hit the booth & spark that dope up that’s all. I already been inspired my whole life. I don’t get inspired, I am inspired. The things I went through in life inspired me.

What are you currently working on?

Right now I’m working on “In Glocks We Trust” my first real mixtape. Hosted by DJ Legacy (young pappy DJ). I got some names on there too, y’all better pay attention.

Anything you would like to say to fans?

I love y’all. I wouldn’t be sh*t without y’all & I promise I won’t let y’all down!


Twitter: @UtwKobe
Instagram: @YounggKobe

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