Get to know: Young Ezzy

Today we bring you an exclusive Q&A with upcoming indy artist Young Ezzy from Cedar Rapids, IA


How did you get your start in music?

I’ve always just been a fan of music. Music and money make the world run. Like, honestly cant one person on Earth tell you they don’t listen to music.

My mom and dad always had us listening to music. From old to new. We were a music family. Mom and pops use to throw us juke parties. Whole neighborhood of kids in my living room.

Music always being around is what got my in love with it. My cousin Jo Blacc and Lil Wayne is who made me want to rap. He was just always a raw ass rapper. Im talking a freestyle master. Would rap about anything.

Who are some of your influences?

My cousin Jo Blacc, Lil Wayne, TI, Starlito, and a host of other artist. Good music is just my influence honestly. Life and good music.

Where do you get your motivation from?

Life. Life. Life. I feel nothing is more real than someone’s story. I grew up listening to artist that had things to say. When originality actually mattered. I’m from Iowa. The core of the US. Where the most regular people live. Like how can’t you relate to regular shit. So I just use every aspect of my life as motivation. Whether good or bad. From my child, my mom, my job, relationship(s). It all ties in.

We hear you have new fire on the way. What’s next?

THE 1. That’s my next project. 12/23/16. Itunes, Apple Music. All the streaming sites. It is the title.

What is your current state of Hip Hop?

I mean, honestly, I quit even trying to size to the game up. I feel like my music is good enough to touch people in the World. I just wanna touch people. Relate. Make people feel like I am them and they are me. I want to speak for people. So it’s like whatever to me. I like some of the things that come out but I usually stick to the things thats hot and influential to me. There’s so many different lanes of hip hop. Most rappers now are in the same lane, musically. Because thats all they know or mainly because that’s the lane with the big spotlight on it.I dont know man. I say I wasn’t gonna size it up and got to sizing it up. I’m really just focused on myself and my come up. THE 1. 12/23/16

Stay tuned for more music from Young Ezzy on the way.


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