Get to know: Zzleepy

Heres some late night tunes for the night.

Check out the artist known as ZZLEEPY

Zzleepy (pronounced sleepy) is an artist born and raised in Baltimore, MD. Influenced by the likes of Kid Cudi, Crywank and all the other “flame s***” as he describes it, Zzleepy finds his own groove, releasing emotions, thoughts, and experiences not only as a therapy for himself but for those who may relate. Matching his chill laid back personality the music is very easy to listen and vibe to. Of the work so far there is a balance, some songs being light-hearted keeping a fun element and some songs being darker to possibly take the listener deeper, each to help paint an even more detailed look at the artist himself. With help from the likes of four fing, garrett anad more, the instrumentation embodies the mood of each song and is well complimented by Zz’s cadence & delivery throughout.



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