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We recently chopped it up with AP Banks Cinatra and talked with him about his come up, his background, music, and more. Check it out below and be sure to stay tuned!!!!!!

Explain who you are for those who don’t know

My name is AP Banks Cinatra, I was born and raised in New Jersey. I am a producer and engineer for We United Collective and The Cook Up Shop. I was never the new guy on the block, I’ve always been around, giving out energy, vibes, and motivation. I’ve always had a desire to create the life I want and for my supporters, and fans to see and hear my originality of my productions brought to the table.

How did you come up with your name? 

A.P. are the initials of my first and last name. Banks came from having the love for money. Cinatra came from the last of the original, Frank Sinatra. During his time he was an influential icon to the music industry, putting real emotion into his records, very different for his time. In some ways I relate to his way of doing things, money does matter in this industry but with a person who has a genuine passion for music, and spreads that type of love and energy will always remain an icon.

How did you get started in music?

I started in middle school playing the clarinet, and trumpet. Wasn’t really into it too much at the time. In high school I became friends with half of the school and met an international DJ, DJ Nadus. In 2006, Nadus was one of the top producers that was making hot club music for DJs and clubs. He had others looking up to him because of what he does. One day after lunch, I walked back to class DJ Nadus, Porter, and I chopped it up with him on how he makes club music. Nadus broke it down to us on what software to get, the pattern key, and even highlighted the notes for the kick patterns, claps, etc. All of this was done on FL Studio, as soon as I got home I did exactly what he told us and I’ve been mastering my craft ever since. Bless up to the pioneers. 

Who are your influences? 

Close friends, family, and artists I work with. Within my family influential circle, there’s my little bro who also writes production scripts and records my videos. He pitches little ideas to me on how to take my craft to the next level from others. Smooth6eenhood is another brother who’s an artist and producer, and the founder of The Cook Up Shop. He makes his own music, and we talk more than music, and more about bettering ourselves for our future. OG Milky is about the same, I met him making beats on Soundcloud. He messaged me one day trying to work and I gave him a shot. We made a banger and have been friends ever since. In 2020 he created this group We United Collective and has brought artists and producers together to connect and network. He’s now my manager and a full time manager for WUC. He’s good at what he does and inspires me to improve everyday. As far as the artists I work with I like to keep a bond with all of them with music and without the music. I always like to find the real them to bring that realness to my music. These people influence me to do better in my everyday life, they also make sure I’m on point with every situation I’m in. I appreciate them all and love them for that.

How would you describe your sound? 

I’m capable of hitting a plethora of sounds, dark, happy, emotional, if it’s got a feeling then it’s in my lane. I like to stay away from those common sounds other producers or artists look for. I prefer abstract, ambient, melodies and sounds that touch you before the beat is already made. I try to be unique with it day by day. 

Where do you find your motivation?

I find motivation from my everyday life, the people I meet, the places I go, and the music I make. Waking up everyday to do what I got to do, becoming a better person, and checking up on my circle to make sure we all are mentally and physically on the same page. Talking about where we wanna be within the next 5 years, and our investments. Meeting new people who are in positions that fit my field of interest, anything that could challenge me to find a way to build a relationship so we are able to work and grow with each other. Seeing new places, seeing young entrepreneurs like myself go big in the business amazes me. Going to new environments, communities, and looking at luxury houses and cars makes me want to do more than what I do now. We’re all just taking it step by step. I could sit here and talk about how my childhood wasn’t decent, or how I grew up in an environment where you gotta keep watching your back every minute, but that’s just something I don’t want to look back to. I’d prefer to make it count while I’m alive.

What are you currently working on?

Currently I’m working on more music projects/singles with Smooth6eenhood and We United Collective. Smooth got a lot of unreleased music that needs to be heard around the world. We plan to drop a collaboration single called “UPUP!!” before his project drops, there’s no set date to when his project is dropping, but it will. With WUC we’re currently working on music, merch, beats, drumkits, and loops. On my own, I’m getting more into fashion and videos. I think with all these songs that I have in the vault, the people need to be able to see my ideas.

What are your goals?

My goals are to accomplish what I haven’t, at my interest. Owning properties with land, and becoming one of most successful producers from my state, and town to make it possible for others who are up and coming. Besides music I got a love for technology. I have always been around technology since I was a kid. So I want to accomplish some type of masters for IT. I always have dreams of owning my own arcade with all retro and up to date games, and having this one big land just for music festivals and extreme sport events. I also want to make sure my family is always good and secure. 

Anything else you’d like to say? 

This is to my youth who’s looking at this and saying to themselves they want to do this, just do it. Let no one stop your grind nor the vision. Spread love and blessing as they will return to you. It’s all a journey, enjoy life while you can.

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