Man Has 15 Lbs. of Nails, Razors, Coins, and More Removed from His Stomach

An Indian man complaining of stomach pains was found to have approximately 15 pounds of foreign metal objects in his stomach.

Maksud Khan of Satna, Madhya Pradesh in India, arrived at the hospital experiencing stomach pains that doctors presumed was food poisoning, but an endoscopy revealed the cause to be metal objects.

Those objects — 236 coins, 100 nails, dozens of razor blades, a 6-inch piece of a rusted iron shackle, four needles, and a few glasses pieces — were found in the man’s stomach.

Priyank Sharma, who led the surgical team, told International Business Times, “We were shocked to discover coins, nails and nut-bolts in his stomach. We come across such a case for the first in our career.”

Khan’s relatives said he was suffering from depression, which may have triggered the habit.

“Usually, people start eating abnormal things under certain psychological conditions. He had been eating metal for a year but did not tell anyone,” A.P.S. Geharwar, head of surgery, told Times of India.

Another doctor said the condition was caught in the nick of time.

Doctors said Khan was in stable condition, with no lasting damage to his internal organs and a promise from Khan that he wouldn’t do it again.

A 2010 study looked at 33 adult patients who were responsible for 305 cases of medical intervention because they ingested foreign objects, including batteries, knives and razor blades.



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