Kahree003 ft. BTY YoungN – We On Dat

Artist Kahree003 pronounced as Kah-ree -Double- O-Three also known as Kahree Da Savage is a rapper from New Orleans Louisiana, based out of the slums of the notorious 3rd Ward, where he was born and raised.


The name of the hood where he was born and raised at is called Zion City in which some call 003, Which is only one block away from the Calliope Projects.

Kahree003 is a young intelligent influential rapper who paints his struggles by giving you all 100% honesty through his music.Two of his older Brothers were murdered in 2012 and also 3 great Friends of his.

Also during that year two of Kahree003 freinds who he use to run with caught Life in Prison and one caught 15 out of all Kahree003 potnas it is only him and 3 others are who are not dead or in Jail. So Kahree003 paints his struggle though his music. Kahree just released his 5th tape which is the 2nd tape to the Savage Life Living Series which the name of the tape is called Savage Life Living 1.5

This is the highly anticipated visual for the single We on Dat by Kahree003 and featuring local sensation BTY YoungN. This song is available on Sound-cloud currently at 28,000 plays.

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