The Future of Clothing: OSBT clothes

The future of the fashion industry is changing dramatically along with every other industry on the planet. With over 3 billion people using the internet, it is now becoming a major tool for selling product’s such as clothing for major and independent companies.

Today we bring you a Q&A with one of the next buzzing brands online by the name of OSBT clothes.

Check out the full Q&A below and be sure to log on their website to look at their gear.


Tell us about your clothing company

OSBT Clothes started in the fall of 2014. We are a San Diego based streetwear company. Our motto is “recreational philosophy’, which is the study of having fun. Recreation is considered anything with amusement, pleasure, and fun. Philosophers believe that leisure allows people to consider and reflect on the values and realities that are missed in the activities of daily life. Take a step back from work, school, and responsibilities to enjoy the life you were given. Our company aims to revolve around the fun in life, which is separated from the work.

How did it come to existence?

We are huge advocates of youth culture and sticking to your roots. OSBT stands for “Obsession Skateboarding Team”. When we were younger we were a group of skaters that only wanted to skate. We would spend hours filming tricks and making video parts. We would put in blood, sweat, and tears into landing a trick that we were trying to land. We all shared the same mentality and were like a team. Constantly motivating each other to learn new tricks and keep progressing. We had the greatest memories and good times growing up that you had to be there to understand. This mentality stuck with Evan and I when we decided to actually make it a company. When making clothes and other product, we aim to inspire people to invest in their passion. We use innovation, skate culture, pop culture, and and our own personal style close at mind as a template for our creations.


Do you consider your brand to have its own style?

I think our brand has it’s own style. We stick to our roots when creating product. We make clothes that we want to wear and product that we believe in. The product we make has it’s own style that skaters, streetwear heads, or really anyone who is down with the movement can wear. OSBT Clothes is for the people and anyone can be an advocate of our brand to embody there own “Recreational Philosophy”.

Why clothing?

Clothing is a huge part of everyday life. We believe if your wearing fresh gear, then you probably feel good about yourself. One of our main goals is to achieve this with our brand. We want our supporters to experience this in their everyday lives. We want to put out “feel good” wear. To give people the feeling of accomplishing something. That indescribable feeling of hearing your favorite song for the first time. These are some of the feelings that are most enjoyable moments in someone’s life. With local support we can achieve this goal.

Where do you get your influences from?

We get our influences from a lot of different things. Pro skaters and skate culture, hip hop culture, artists, and a lot of things. Pretty much those who show overwhelming passion in what they do. Those who have an unmatched work ethic that brings out great work!

What motivates you guys with style?

A few people who I can think of are Torey Pudwill, Felipe Gustavo, Andrew Reynolds, Theotis Beasley, Bobby hundreds, Jeff Staple, Pharrell Williams, Curren$y, Anderson. Paak, Chance the rapper, and Dom Kennedy. There are too many to mention, but here is a few.


Where do you see your brand going?

We have been curating our company with a solid foundation. To make sure that we make affordable steps forward to have a solid business model and to release quality product that gets our message across. We are hoping to expand our infrastructure and inventory for our business in the near future. Also to have solid store accounts and a Flagship store in our hometown. Really to just expand our brand and bring the team with us haha

Is there any one certain you would like to see rocking your gear?

It would be tight to see someone like Pharrell or Travis Scott wearing our stuff. Someone who is known for wearing something crazy. Or someone who is a culture influencer that is down with the movement.

Where can people look and purchase?

People can see our gear in the look books on our website.go to www.osbtclothes.com. Also we post new product on our twitter @OSBT_clothes, Instagram page, @osbt, and our snapchat OSBT.CLOTHES. Our web store is active and we ship nationwide! Check out our Summer 16 Crane Gang product on our web store! Also you can go to our contact us tab and email us about exclusive merch that we don’t have on the store.

What’s coming next for you?

Whats coming next is our new collection for the fall and winter stuff that we have in the vault. Also we are having some new events that are coming in the near future along with some visuals. Contact us if you want to be a part of our new projects.



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