Restaurant’s Employees Sue T.I.

“T.I. is being sued by employees of his restaurant SCALES 925 in Atlanta for unpaid wages.

Over 10 workers filed a lawsuit this week that alleges that the restaurant’s management did not keep proper records of their hours worked and did not pay them for every hour they worked. It specifically targets T.I.’s partner in the business Charles Hughes. “Hughes used Scales LLC to create bank accounts for payroll. However, Hughes would deposit money from SCALES 925 into his personal account causing payroll checks to bounce,” according to the suit. “Hughes has made fraudulent statements to restaurant employees concerning the hours the employees worked at SCALES 925.”

Hughes used a software to keep track of employee hours known as ALOHA. There were several issues with the system that Mr. Hughes did not address, according to the suit. It deleted hours worked by employees and also did not keep track of any hours exceeding a 40 hour per week limit. Employees voiced their concerns, but he claimed that there was “nothing he could do” at the time. The software also would state that employees claimed $35 in tips when they didn’t. They were often coerced to work off the clock for three hours before they were allowed to leave. They were not paid for the overtime. Employees also had money taken out of their checks to pay the busboys. However, the busboys claimed they never received any money. T.I. has yet to comment on the matter publicly.” –  VladTV

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