RGM 150 Returns To Take The Music World By Storm

Rene Martinez, better known by his stage name, RGM 150 is here to let you know 2022 is his! The Jamaica Queens-bred rhymer took some time off to come back even harder! 

Following his short musical hiatus, RGM 150 returns ready to take the industry by storm! Starting out as Type-R Dibiasi in 2005, he released a slew of singles that garnered national and statewide attention. In 2009, he dropped off his final release, “Million Dollar Man,” under that moniker which was exclusive to MySpace.


After the pandemic hit, RGM had a lot of time on his hands, as did many of us! As a result, he went back to the studio with fellow artist, G.ame O.ver to cook up some more heat for the new year. This dynamic duo has collaborated in the past under their label and publishing company, Hoolie Nation which they co-founded together. Because of this, these two artists have garnered international acclaim. In fact, their debut album ChekMate did numbers! Following its release, the popular project surpassed over 375K views worldwide! 

As an indie artist, RGM 150 understands the obstacles and difficulty that comes with the life. Since his early days as Type-R, he’s made it his mission to help artists alike in similar situations. Enabling others to get the resources and support they need to succeed in this industry. His artistry, work ethic and mentality paired with his raw talent makes it easy for fans to gravitate towards him. 

Tap Into RGM 150 & HoolieNation

Lastly, RGM150 has big plans for himself and Hoolie Nation in the future. The first thing on his mind is international expansion, and he has a full slate of mixtape project releases laid out for distribution this year. Stay tuned here at Hip Hop’s Revival for more news, music and updates about RGM 150. For now, be sure to connect with him on social media to stay updated with the latest! 


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