Shyecitymycity talks coming from Nigeria to Chicago, his single Squad, new contest, & more

The windy city has produced a lot of great talent over the years. Today we are sharing with you a new artist by the name of Shye aka Shyecitymycity. He started rapping in high school but he really didn’t take it serious until he won a contest for $500. He thought, why not make this a career? Motivated by his family, he started pushing daily to meet his goal – to make it. Recently dropping his single “Squad” he expects to catch your attention. We chopped it up with Shye and got to know more about him. Check out the full Q&A below 

Explain who you are for those who dont know
I go by the name of shye aka shyecitymycity originally born in Nigeria then moved to Southside of Chicago bout 92-93…father born in Nigeria and mother from the south side of chicago…I would always come back and forth to the states to visit. It was definitely a change for me pretty spending my childhood in Nigeria and then coming to the states and having to adapt to a NEW society, way of thinking, culture, clothing etc all you can think of…it was always questions about did you live in the bushes and shot like that but you know how that shit go with growing up and jokes…I wouldn’t change for the world the experience of living there and being from there and still got family there..I plan on going back this year…

How did you get your start in your music?
Started rapping in high school freestyling and people use to say I can rap..then I went away to college and I entered a talent show for $500 and won…from then on we been grinding and never looked back…I released a project called I got bangaz vol. 1 on dat piff in 2009…after that was working with a producer that had to leave town and took all my music with him…so I had to start back over and find a new way to get my music out…we actually had vol. 2…3…done and ready to be released…

Where do you find inspiration?
I find inspiration in my family that has been supporting thru it all…thru wanting change for my family and for my people as a whole…thru wanting to make a change in people with my music…

What motivates you?
My motivation is my family again….wanting to be great and let people hear the music and maybe change someone outlook on life or struggle or to be a better someone

How did the single SQUAD come about?
Man the single squad was a amazing experience on the recording process….it was things I had to learn as far as studio etiquette and it made me better….we were constantly in studio llistening to beats and we heard that record and before you know it squad was born….creating a hook that was frequently used by the youth and we made a hook out of it…I wrote like 5 to 6 verses before I just pieced different lines from each verse…

Talk to us about the Squad madness give a way..
The SquadMadness was a marketing strategy that we put together to create awareness to the SQUAD brand new video by increasesing our numbers with views….social media…and downloads.

So we doing a raffle on the month of march with the energy of the march madness…we are giving a way tickets to a chicago sport team game….concert tickets to a fan favorite artist…and last but least $250 worth of clothing from a chicago brand…

How can people get more info on it?
I will send you over the flyers with all the info and rules to enter…but they can get the info from my ig @shyecitymycity

What are you working on next?
Right now we are working on a debut project called off n running…we don’t have a date yet but it’s coming before summer gets here…

Anything else you would like to say?
Man just want y’all know that its something special happening in Chicago and just fortunate to be a part it and being here in Chicago….its the renaissance going on…

@shyecitymycity on ig & Twitter…facebook fan page etc…


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