Dachegrs announces NEW EP coming soon!

The young rapper artist Dachegrs recently released his latest single called “shäwty” many of the fans rumored it to be a single announcing his highly anticipated EP. As expected, the young rapper shares that he is working on his new EP and that it will be out sooner than expected, the date is still unknown but surely the young rapper will release it before the end of the year.

The artist shares that this new EP is something totally different from what we are used to, there are new sounds, musical styles and new genres. The EP will probably have 6 songs, but he will make a deluxe later with more songs for the fans. 

From what has been said, apparently his singles “Shäwty” and “Darkness” featuring the rapper KobeKo, will be included in this EP, which leaves us with a total of 4 new songs by the artist. The name of the EP is still at stake, the artist tells us, since he does not know exactly what the official name will be, but he indicates that it will surely be called “I feel like…” 

The young rapper artist has a lot of potential ahead of him and he is a promise, he won’t disappoint with this new EP, otherwise he may catch the eye of many names in the industry.

Social links: https://www.instagram.com/dachegrs/


Music links: https://open.spotify.com/artist/6rPpq3l1XwWF8DxXlBINmb?si=haa8LaizQReVGulWmzbphQ


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