“No Skips” out now!

The BSG Ep “No Skips” originally started  off as a one song project but once the first song was complete it was soon realized the dynamics and energy were present and more collabs were needed. Eventually, turning a single project into a 6 track ep. 

A mutual of YBLilHoe, was in contact with Baby Stone Gorillas and once YB got in contact with (P4K) that’s when the project became official. 

“Kilo Keyz On The Track” already being YB’s producer, and who also is well connected throughout the industry, had tag teamed the project with YB, it only made sense since Kilo was in works of putting together a project with BSG ; Kilo ultimately produced the entire EP. 

The project took about 6-7 months to complete which mostly consisted of traveling back and forth to LA multiple times, shooting the videos and continuous press meetings for promo etc. 

It was definitely worth the wait. The relationship between YB x Kilo & BSG was established over the past months and ever since more collaborations have been established. 

(MixedByMarv) who is Baby Stone Gorillas  engineer & manager is a well known triple platinum industry engineer. Helped orchestrate/ A&R this project. The video for “Dutch bros remix” was shot by Insomniac Music Group, ran by (RG), a well known upcoming independent artist based out San Diego, California. 

“It’s clear that whenever there’s that much talent in a studio, greatness is the only outcome” - Kilo Keyz On The Track

Stream the EP here https://open.spotify.com/album/2O7k1NfBe0Muu073jMmg30

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