Teen Rapper Brooklyn Queen Blazes The Airways With New Summer Anthem

Photo Credit: Dove Clark

Crowned as the “Queen of the Internet” by The New York Times, 16-year-old BMB Records rapper Brooklyn Queen has proven yet again to be a BIG STEPPER in the entertainment industry. 

Introducing a more mature sound, Brooklyn rocks her queendom with the latest hit “Big Talker”, an anthem that boldly celebrates her successes and invites others to do the same. While this track is a stark contrast to previous songs, the young artist delivers bars with military precision, showing the world she can hold her own with a razor-sharp flow to which older teens and young adults can vibe and dance. 

“He tell you that he love you, but with me, bae, he don’t miss you.

I’mma get the bread, plus the cheddar and this swiss too.”

Produced by fellow Detroiter Jupyter, this highly anticipated track reveals Brooklyn Queen’s no-nonsense demeanor with good humor and stubborn confidence, reminding listeners that the fierce lyricist has cemented her place amongst other female rappers on hip hop’s throne.

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