GTR x KhoppaK4rlito “Do That

KhoppaK4rlito has been continuing to apply pressure in Long Island, New York as he recently linked Elmont, New York’s very own GTR for a new track, titled “Do That”. KhoppaK4rlito has an ideal flow and delivery that counter-acts perfectly with GTR. GTR starts the track off by skillfully displaying soulful emotions. Then KhoppaK4rlito comes in on the second verse and gives a more upbeat melodic flow which is mind blowing. We hope to see more from these two in the near future. 

The music video is shot by and edited by  wavylifeofjohn as the duo is seen in various locations of the concrete jungle getting lit. This music video is certainly captivating and offers a glimpse into the bright future that each of these two artists’ has in front of them.

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