Shot by Jeff Adair, Loosely based on the 90’s music tale of “Brenda’s got a baby” by the late great Tupac Shakur, Meka Jackson continues the story telling from the perspective of his current generation. The song and visuals attempt to chronicle and simultaneously correlate the generational curses and history repetition still plaguing the youth today 30 years later as prophesized by 2Pac. The ever more prevalence, normalization & glamorization of drug addiction, violence, crime & gang culture we see today as a bi-product of the absentee parentism, child abandonment and broken homes in the black community. Unjustified by the systemic slavery, poverty & mental oppression we are increasingly dealt in America. Time lapses, cycles continue and the prey become predators but who exactly is to blame and what is the resolution? “It’s been drugged out, thugged out, slugged out, young n*ggas going f*cking crazy”


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