Get to know: Brooklyn

DMV artist Brooklyn chopped it up with us and let us know more about the person behind the music. Check it out below: 

Explain who you are for those who may not know

Yo! I’m Brooklyn up and coming, artist from the DMV. 

Where you from?

I was raised in Virginia, DMV ALL DAY BABY! But I was born in California, moved out to the east when I was a kid.

How did you get your start in music?

One of my really good friends brought me over to her cousin’s spot who produces to kick it. He heard me freestyle and thought I should start making my own sound. I always wanted to record but never had the courage. We really vibed together when we worked and been together ever since. Appreciate you Carlos (@beatsbycarlos)!

How long have you been making it?

The first project I did was maybe three years ago, it was called “The Outline”, the following year I released the second one which was “The Outline 2” and my last project was “The Rough Draft.” Last three years I’ve been working on some songs, this last year I’ve been taking creating my own sound more serious. 

Who are your influences?

 Wow where to begin, my influences stem from every genre. Hip-hop: Lauren Hill, Queen Latifah, Nas, Fabolous, Big Pun, Big L, Biggie, J Cole, The Roots, Outkast damn this list would take up this whole page. But others outside of hip-hop: Celia Cruz, Mary J. Blige, Miles Davis, Amy Winehouse, Bobby Caldwell. I’m influenced by many different artists, I love music so I find something in everything.

 What motivates you?

 First, God! Second, my mother, I adore that women. Third, has always been helping others out. I hope by making music I’m able to do that. How many artist that have helped me out when I was going through it and they don’t even know. I want to do that for others.

 What are you currently working on?

I’m working on my new project  “Notes From The Underground.” I’m dropping a video for that in August, STAY TUNED! Working with a couple other artists around the way, on their projects, doing shows, every day growing.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

If God allows, working on more music projects, touring, expanding on the “Brooklyn” brand. Goals outside of music: do a series for travel and food. I really looked up to Anthony Bourdain, I want to keep that legacy alive.

What is your opinion on the current hip-hop scene?

 Man I love hip-hop, it’s evolving, always is. Every music has a time in place, I use to diss the trap shit but honestly some of it’s lit. But the game is waiting for something different, a dope kid like me, give you that 90’s feel, give you some flavor. I’m a 90’s baby, so I’m heavily influenced but old-school hip-hop. 

Anything else you would like to say?

 Man, I hope yall fuck with the sound, have fun with it. Check out my latest project “Azucar,” available on Apple Music, Spotify, Youtube, all the sources. I really wanted to do a project for mi jente, my people. Remind us of our value, our strength, our roots.

 Viva Mi Jente! 








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