Get to know: FloKid

FloKid is a new artist from Miami with a lot to say. We chopped it up with him and got to know a little more about the man behind the music. Read more below: 

Where you from?

I’m from North Miami Beach, FL

How did you get your start in music?

I started doing music after high school when I failed horribly to receive a college scholarship to play basketball.

How long have you been making it?

To be honest, I’ve been making music on and off for at least six years now. And consistently for the last two years.

Who are your influences?

My influences are the ones at an arms reach and certain idols. My sisters, My mother, Jcole, Nas.

What motivates you?

My mother over 50 years old still working two shifts motivates me to end that. The death of my older brother due to black on black violence motivates me to get up out my situation and apply a better life for my family. And my little brother who’s diagnosed with Autism.

What are you currently working on? 

I’m currently working on original music and hopefully a single will be chosen out of a few of those records. And I started a series called #PracticeOnWeekends where I drop a video exclusively on Instagram every Saturday. We’re trying different forms or branding and marketing to build positive attention and awareness.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

This is definitely a question I ask myself often and it changes. In five years, I would love to be in a situation where my music is getting heard globally and I’ve established a pure platform. And pushing empowerment within different categories of life struggles.

What is your opinion on the current hiphop scene?

Currently hip hop is like a pot of gumbo, it’s a lot of stuff going on. You have publicity stunts, aggressive music, melody raps, positive conscience music, etc. The fashion of hip hop even has a different mixture. I like the stage it’s in because we have different options. I just wish certain type of artists had the equal opportunity as the other to be heard.

What made you do a song dedicated to domestic violence?

It’s a common social issue that gets swept under the rug. Recently I’ve been seeing domestic violence blowing up within celebrities. So I did this record to shed light on the situation, hoping it goes viral and people would understand the importance of protecting each other.

Did you witness it sometime in your life?

And yes I’ve witnessed it growing up. It affected me because I was helpless, I was young and didn’t have the correct mind stability to react.

What’s your words for someone who is going through it?

Please seek help immediately. Call the police or either get in contact with close friends or family. If you’re too scared or embarrassed, please contact the domestic violence hotline number 18007997233. I just wish everyone had the mental strength to leave and not give anyone else another chance to harm them again.

Anything else you would like to say?

Thank you guys, Hiphopsrevival, for the platform you guys are providing for artists like myself who want and need to be heard. For anyone reading this, continue to chase your dreams. Handle your problems knowing you’re going to overcome them. Stay blessed.

Twitter: @FloKid88

Instagram: @FloKid88

Snapchat: @FloKid88

Facebook: FloKid NMB Savior 



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