Get to know: Murdaland Mark

How long have you been making music?
i have been workin on music for about 11 months going on a year
What’s your goals?
to take me and my men out of where we came from and put my mom in a house

Are you working on any projects?
i am it is called the plan but no one knows about that yet
Who are your influences?
i mean I grow up listening to lil Wayne drake but as a got older I was more into the DMV rap
Have you ever been compared to other artists?
Nah not really I got my own flow so nobody can really say I would like so and so
What have you been doing under the quarantine?
I’ve been tryna do live and get every one up and active by letting they join and so on
Anything else you’d like to say?
Big Murdaland 7th da gang and we slimin y’all out


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