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We recently chopped up with TK Blockstar and got to know a little more about her as an artist. We talked about her upbringing, spending time in the feds, giving back to the community, and more. Check out the full Q&A below and don’t forget to check out her music!!! She’s next up!!!! Read more below:

Explain who you are for those who don’t know

I’m TK Blockstar , an independent female hiphop artist. A well known activist & community leader known for community outreach & giveaways.

Where are you from

I was born in Detroit, Michigan but I spent most of my life being raised in Fairmont, West Virginia. I represent WV all day

What was it like growing up there

For me personally it was tough.. I grew up between foster care & the streets. I spent 10 years in the system as a juvenile and I spent most of my teen years homeless. Fortunately throughout those years I ran into good people who would look out for me & make sure I ate. Thankful for people like EBO, & granny Evans (rest in heaven) just to name a couple.

When did you get into making music

I’ve always been into music even when I was just listening as a jit. I didn’t start off as a vocal artist. I reveled in creative writing, short stories and poetry. It was around 15/16 when I started doing freestyles and trying to create actual songs. I wanted to be heard so I took my poetry and stories and put them on an instrumental. From there I began to grow into a lyricist. I remember making a remix to “Wiz Khalifa’s” never been in high school and I thought I was the shit lol.

Is it true you did 5 years federal? If so what happened?

Yeah altogether I gave the federal penitentiary 5 years of my youth. I caught a federal drug charge when I was 17 and got a sealed indictment when I was 18, went on the run for a few months and got picked up, sentenced and locked 5 days after my 19th birthday. The feds set me up with a federal informant during a transaction where I allegedly sold an undisclosed amount of the uncontrolled substance (heroine) after I was released from my first bid I caught a violent charge (malicious wounding) and another drug charge for weed so I went back and walked my time out. Got released 2017

What made you change your direction in life?

Honestly throughout my journey I met good people and great leaders. Truth seekers and self evaluators who helped open my eyes and mind. Not to mention I give all thanks to the powers that be in my universe. I was led out of that dark place because I wasn’t meant to be there but for a short time to learn what NOT to do in life. Everything happened then for me to be who I am now. I couldn’t exactly tell you what happened, something just clicked and I wanted more for myself, more for my future and the people I love. Not to mention once you began to grow you see things differently and I realized I was damaging my community by my actions. I didn’t want to be the one poising our people. I wanted to be the one to uplift and the universe has helped me accomplish that. As well as hard work and dedication.

What’s your advice for people wanting to change?

My advice for anyone wanting to make a change in their life is to start by meditating, self evaluating, and solitude. You have to have a clear mind, start learning yourself and trying to identify your weaknesses. It helps to be alone so you can listen to your inner self speak and guide you. If you really want to make a change get active and make small changes within your daily routine. And lastly sometimes you have to get rid of the people you are used to having around. You are only as successful, driven and motivated as the people in your direct circle so sometimes you have to remove people to see better results in your life as well. All in all TRY!

Talk to us about your back donations. How did that get started, and why?

I started doing my backpack give away the year after I was released from prison. I was online and I saw a single mother expressing her frustration of not being able to provide all the things she felt her children deserved despite the fact that she was working two jobs and for me personally I grew up homeless and sometimes not well kept so I know what it’s like to go to school and only have a notebook it’s embarrassing and discouraging so it was a mixture of wanting to help families and children as well as simply being able to relate. I wanted to help create relief for our people because so many of them are struggles to make ends meet. For 3 years straight we provided backpacks & school supplies to Marion county children. I’m blessed, honored and proud to say our 3rd year we exceeded over 1k backpacks full of supplies for the kids and I don’t plan on ever stopping!

What’s your plans for 2021?

2021 is huge for me. I’ve been shooting a lot of music videos in preparation for this upcoming year. My team and I have decided to focus on the visual aspect of my art so I can finally show the ppl who they’ve been listening to. I’ll be dropping my first visual of the year in January. “Wake Up” shot by Mad Street Films. The best video I’ve had shot in my career. Thank you Mikey & Justin. Our goal is to be featured and showcased on major media outlets like BET JAMS, MTV, Revolt Tv etc. Also I’ll be releasing a project this year that will be showcasing a new sound I’ve been exploring. So I look forward to bringing that to the table.

Anything else you’d like to say?

I’d like to thank HHR for bringing a platform that helps independent and unsigned artists get recognition for their craft and art. I’d also like to thank my assistant/best friend Hannah, my promo team Keisha and Keela. My photography team Bridget & Shae. And THANK YOU to everyone who supports me as an artist and individual Blockstar Entertainment and TK wouldn’t be anything without your love and support


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