Get to know: Shot By Strick

Explain who you are for those who dont know
I go by the name Shot By Strick. Videographer / Creative from Atlanta, Georgia,  moved to Phoenix Arizona September 13 2019. Didn’t know any one at all. Just wanted to see what AZ had to offer. Once i touched down in AZ I got straight on the gram started getting my followers up,  started to collab with a few photographers/creatives  “S.Creme & Tazzz Devol”  and a lot of models and it took off from there, branded the hell out of myself and can say how proud i am on how far I’ve came in less then a year.

How long have you been doing video work?
I’ve been doing video work for a year .

Who are your influences?
With my Creative Style I’m my biggest influence tbh. The way I shoot women and how it looks after nobody can you can compare me to. Let me explain more in detail. The biggest thing that catches everyone’s eye when they come across my work is the angels. Those are the most important things people look for when it comes to shooting videos especially the Women, they love it! After that comes the chop ups of the clips & color grade wit my cinematic look. I can make a 15-45 second video look like a movie. 

How did you come up with your name?
Shot By Strick – Strick is short for my last name “Strickland” – so I took that and put together Shot By Strick. Short and simple, because the work going to make the name stand out more. 

Is there anyone in particular you’d like to shoot for?
Definitely, it’s all in the works for 2021 

How did you meet Harris?
I was invited to a mansion out in Scottsdale AZ In 2019 where Harris was shooting for a project he had going at the time. Bro had nothing but great vibes and was very family oriented and every since that day we’ve been working.

Whats next for you in 2021? 
2021 I definitely have some big projects in the works. You can expect to see more videos bigger better production for sure. I’m super excited for this next chapter in life.


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